Minecraft Overworld Villager Blacksmith Fully Articulated Series 2 Jazwares


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  • Straight from the Overworld, comes the Minecraft Blacksmith Villager Action Figure Pack

  • Includes Blacksmith Villager, a removable apron and workbench

  • The Blacksmith Villager action figure stands about 2.75 inches tall and is fully-articulated

  • The Blacksmith Villager action figure is perfect for any Minecraft fan!

  • Villager Blacksmith Type: Passive non-player character Behavior: Villagers wander around their village happily. They have no attack and will run from zombies to hide in their homes.Fact: Blacksmith villagers wear black aprons but will change their profession and skin based on the needs of the village.

    • Safety Tested

    • CE Mark

    • Collect Them All!

    • Fully Articulated

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