Pea Pod Babies Twenty Five Piece Dinner and Bath Time Playset - Collectible

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Pea pod babies are cute, magical little babies waiting inside a magical pea pod. Each Pea Pod Babies 22-Pc. Dinner and Bath Playtime Set contains three cylinders: one contains accessories, one contains clothing, and the third contains your surprise baby inside. Collect all 24 babies plus six rare and one ultra-rare set of twins.

Every Pea Pod Baby doll is unique, just like us with different shapes, colors, and personalities. Each comes with a birth certificate and collector card that tells you all about your new little baby. For boys and girls ages 3+, when you adopt a pea pod baby you've chosen to embark on a beautiful journey full of fun, laughter, imagination and love. This set includes two Pea Pod Babies, a high chair, bath tub, and over two dozen accessories. Collect them all.

Product Features:

  • Pea Pod babies are the latest collectible toy craze -- collect all 22 mini toys, and even makes for a great party favor
  • Have fun opening the pea pod to reveal the first capsule containing accessories, the second contains clothing, and the third contains your surprise mini baby
  • Custom birth certificate, a story about your own baby, and a collector card
  • Dip your baby in water and it even spits up
  • Includes two Pea Pod Babies and over 23 accessories

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