Polly Pocket Pollyville Playground Adventure Playset Doll By Mattel Ages

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Every day is the best day ever with Polly Pocket! Kids will have a blast with the Pollyville Playground Adventure as they join micro Polly doll (with 5 movable joints) and Peaches for a day of fun! Open the treehouse and hang out, and then take the slide down! How fun! Now head to the bouncy castle for jumping fun! When it's time to test skills, try the jungle gym and navigate the rope ladder. Time for a treat-head ice cream cart-yum! The Playground Adventure playset includes treehouse and slide, bouncy castle, jungle gym, ice cream cart, micro Polly doll and Peaches figure.Includes:Kids will have a blast with the Pollyville Playground Adventure playset!Playset includes a fun outdoor environment with micro Polly doll (featuring 5 movable joints for pose and play) and Peaches who both have a variety of fun things to do!They can hang out in the treehouse then whoosh down the slide, jump on the bouncy castle and test their skills at the jungle gym.All this activity makes Polly doll and Peaches hungry for a sweet treat at the ice cream cart. 887961918229